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        Welcome to Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry Co., Ltd

          Titanium Anode Basket





          Alongside production of titanium anodewe produce a number of titanium anodeto EU and US standards. The primary use is in the chemical industry and we have a several global customers who we have supported in establishing and maintaining large petrochemical sites.

          Our extensive inventory of machinery and equipment allows us to produce products the widest range of products to meet our clients requirements. We produce to international standards such as ASTM. We offer bars in a number of different surface finishes including pickling, black and sandblasted. The mechanical properties are detailed below and each product set goes through an extensive testing and quality review.

          Our Titanium Anode Production Capability

          We specialize in manufacturing and developing high-performance, custom designed and cost effective titanium electrodes. We are the leader in the activated titanium anodes industry. Our products include:

          • Electro chlorination cell assembly
          • Ruthenium-titanium anodes
          • Ruthenium-Iridium-Titanium anodes
          • Iridium-tantalum-titanium anodes
          • Iridium-tin-titanium anodes
          • Iridium titanium anodes
          • MMO titanium anodes
          • DSA titanium anodes
          • Titanium leads peroxide anodes
          • Platinized Titanium anodes / electrodes
          • Titanium electrodes for chlorinator cell (include “reversal” type and “No reversal” type titanium electrodes)

          Manufacturing Range:

          • Rod type: diameter 10~50mm
          • Wire type: diameter 0.5~10mm
          • Tubular Type: diameter 10~200mm
          • Plate Type: thickness 0.5~5mm, size 1*1m
          • Mesh Type: thickness 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, Many specifications of mesh, size 1*1m
          • Rating: 4.5 / 5 based on 45 customer reviews
          online message
          • Phone:(+86)13709175408
          • Tel:+86-917-6735438
          • Fax:+86-0917-6735439
          • E-mail:byxs@bjtn.com.cn
          • Addr:No.10 Hi-Tech Road Baoji city,Shaanxi
          • province China-721013