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        Welcome to Baoji Baoye Titanium-Nickel Industry Co., Ltd

        Signing Scene with India Engineering Company

        Titanium is important alloy element in steel and alloy, titanium density is 4.506 to 4.506 grams of cubic centimeter (20 ℃), higher than aluminum and lower than that of iron, copper, nickel. Melting point is 1668 + 4 ℃, the latent heat of fusion 3.7 -5.0 kcal gram atom, the boiling point of 3260-20 ℃, latent heat of vaporization 102.5 112.5 kcal gram atom, critical temperature 4350 ℃, the critical pressure of 1130 atmospheres. Titanium has low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, similar to or slightly lower than stainless steel.
        Titanium has high plasticity, the elongation can be up to 50-60% in high purity titanium, reduction area would up to 70-80%, but strength is low, not as a structural material. Titanium in the presence of impurities will greatly effect on its mechanical properties, especially the interstitial impurity (oxygen, nitrogen, carbon) Titanium as a structural material has good mechanical properties, which is through the strict control of the appropriate content of impurities and adding alloying elements to achieve.